Open Select Recruitment

We bring talent to technology

In an environment that’s constantly changing, it can be hard to find the right long-term candidates with the perfect combination of skills for your project. This can easily be compounded by a lack of understanding from your recruitment agency, leading to frustration, wasted-time, and high staff turnover.

We're unique

Open Select is unique. We’re specialists in the open source, web, mobile and related industries, and we understand how the goalposts are constantly moving. To offer you the most cost-effective service we can, we work hard to keep up with new developments, new languages, new devices. In fact, we love gadgets and computing as much as you do.

The world of recruitment has been turned on its side in recent years with the advent of internet job boards, online recruitment services and professional networks. No sector has felt the impact of this quite like the technology sector; sometimes for the good, often for the worse.

We're techies

To make your business as effective and profitable as possible, you need access to candidates who can not only do the work, but grow with your company, your project and your sector. This is why Open Select is uniquely placed to recruit the best talent for open source, web and mobile projects of any size. We’ve witnessed the industry first-hand, and have a proud track record of connecting enthusiastic, capable candidates with exciting roles.

Service, delivery & satisfaction

We measure our success by our clients’ and candidates’ satisfaction. This means you’ll benefit from a strong focus on customer service and consistent attention to detail when you work with us. Already established as the preferred suppliers for many technology companies from start-ups to PLC’s, we’re seeing a lot of repeat business. We think you’ll agree that speaks for itself.

If you and your company would benefit from a strong working relationship with a unique recruiter that understands the ebb and flow of the tech sector, get in touch with us today. The perfect candidate may already be on our books.